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The Oldest Enemy

The Oldest Enemy

Spellbinding Supernatural Thriller From The Bestselling Author Of The Master's Quilt

Will Keep You Turning Pages Late Into The Night - But Keep the Lights On!

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About the Book

David Lighthouse was once a hard-hitting investigative reporter for the Denver Post before he was accused of the brutal murder of his fiancé and his life unraveled. Now, six years later, he is the assistant pastor of a small church in Florida. Armed with faith, sobriety,  and a resurrected sense of purpose, he’s putting together a new life. But when one of his young parishioners is murdered, David’s old instincts reemerge. Once again the prime suspect,  he fights to clear his name even as disturbing clues at the crime scene reveal a haunting connection not only to his fiance’s unsolved murder but to his estranged father’s secret past. David suddenly finds himself the target of sinister, supernatural forces as he tracks down a conspiracy to release an ancient evil upon an unsuspecting world. Along with his father,  the murdered girl’s sister, and a fierce Auschwitz survivor, David faces hell itself to prove his innocence and stop a reclusive German billionaire from unleashing a worldwide holocaust.

Genres: Supernatural Suspense/Mystery, Thriller
Length: Novel
ISBN: 9781092371056
The Oldest Enemy is a paranormal thriller that dishes up some pretty amazing action. Saying that I loved this novel would be an understatement. I read this in one go, stayed up way too late (was a little jumpy, to be honest) and I loved every second of it. There is nothing I would want the author to change about this novel; even the scary parts gave an adrenaline rush to keep me reading and wanting more . . . The supernatural concepts are very well described and atmospheric, making The Oldest Enemy a recommended read for both fantasy thriller fans and dark mystery or conspiracy fiction fans alike . . . With antagonists you will despise and protagonists you can really root for, you'll be whisked along on a journey filled with actions, suspense, romance, danger, and quest for survival . . . The Oldest Enemy is a page-turner with a very strong second half. I found myself carving off extra reading time from my normal routine, just to see what developments were next in the story. As things progressed, the book didn't get set down . . .
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About the Author
Michael Jack Webb

I’ve loved reading books ever since I can remember. Now I’m writing them. I have always been and will continue to be an eclectic reader. I enjoy reading about such diverse topics as quantum physics, forbidden history, angels and demons, paleontology and archaeology, science fiction, and fantasy.

One of my passions is history, and I incorporate both ancient and modern history into my thrillers.

Since I was twelve and took my first solo train ride, I’ve also loved to travel. Many of the locations in my novels are places I’ve visited personally. Some of the rest are places I’d love to see. I went to Europe with two buddies right out of high school, then went back as an exchange student in Holland a couple of years later, which fueled my desire for seeing the world. I’ve climbed mountains in the Rockies and the Alps, swam in both the Dead and the Red Seas, scuba-dived in the Florida Keys and the Cayman Islands, snorkeled the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, and hiked extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Israel.

After graduating summa cum laude with a BA in History from the University of Florida, I went to law school and obtained my J.D. at the same university. Then I went into the business world, where I’ve been ever since.

My wife and I live in North Carolina with our parrot, where we are planning our next adventures.

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